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I See A Demon


  1. May 16,  · It means there's something wrong with you, as there is no evidence demons exist. Either you're paranoid based on superstition, schizophrenic, or something else, but regardless I'd advise you to seek psychiatric help. 53 views Sponsored by Credit Secrets.
  2. Dec 18,  · Tracking demons In the meta-analysis, which was published in November in the journal Frontiers in Psychiatry, the researchers looked at 13 studies of .
  3. I believe what you saw was a demon. In my own and close friends and family of mine experience, demons can make you feel vulnerable with just the eyes. They want you to feel insuperier to them, they want to watch you feel small and terrified when you see their face. They feed off of it, really.
  4. Aug 28,  · I can reassure you right now that you did not see any kind of demon. If it were a demon you would have known it the first time you saw it. Honest. I have been in actively with the Paranormal and I saw my first ghost at age 5 and it is still going on. I belong to a very good and well trained Paranormal Group for over 10 years.
  5. Jun 24,  · demons like to annoy & bug people especially when they know they have the power to frighten you. i would say if this were to ever happen again to keep your cool and call out to the Lord to help you & let the demon know you are aware of it & you are not afraid. also i would make sure your room door is always shut & put rosemary near any windows.
  6. Dream about a demon in general. Dreams about demons are a negative sign overall. This is especially important if the dreams keep on happening over and over again. They usually represent a negative set of mind or negativity that is affecting the dreamer and that is coming from an outside source. Dream about a demon (for a man).
  7. Once you get close enough, it’s not that hard to distinguish humans from demons. In fact, it's easier than it sounds. You know you are in the presence of a demon, whether you see it or no, when a feeling of dread washes over you. You start looking over your shoulder, second glancing everything.

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